Solo Art Fair, in partnership with Orangenius, is hosting an art fair for individual artists. Fill out the application below for an opportunity to be part of this innovative event.  The artists selected to participate in the fair will be offered a complimentary booth space and booth lighting.  Individual artists must present their own work for consideration and are highly encouraged to create new show specific pieces for the fair.


Being part of an art fair is prestigious and lucrative but also requires marketing and event coordination for the fair to run smoothly and efficiently.  Please read the Solo Open Call Rules to minimize any issues with your submission.


The Solo Art Fair is using the Orangenius platform for submissions and to provide all applicants with tools and resources that can help you plan for success throughout the year and beyond.  The application fee for the Solo Art Fair is $100.  Each submission will include a coupon for an Orangenius Pro account, free for six months (a $54 value).

Just follow these 3 Steps for submission.

  1. Fill out Submission Form – Part 1 on this page.
    • The additional required information for submission (i.e. your artist statement) can be done at any time prior to June 15, 2018, however, we will evaluate your application as soon as your submission information is complete.
  2. To submit the required information, Register for a FREE Orangenius account. (You must use the same email submitted on Submission Form – Part 1.) On Orangenius, please provide:
    • An Artist Statement (Located in your Bio).
    • Upload 3-6 works for consideration including a title, short description, category, and the dimensions of the work.
    • Create a Portfolio of your submitted works (If you are submitting a single image installation, this step is not required.)
  3. When your submission is ready for review, submit the link to your portfolio or installation from Orangenius using: Submission Form – Part 2. 

Submission Form – Part 1

We are sorry. This application is currently off line.


Artists exhibiting at Solo Art Fair 2018 will present works of art that conform with the fairs strict exhibition guidelines. Solo Art Fair is a highly curated exhibition for artists. The Selection Committee will be comprised of contemporary art world experts to include curators, critics, gallerists, and artists. Acceptance is limited to just 80 national and international artists and artist residencies.

Submissions will be reviewed and carefully approved by our Selection Committee. Once the curatorial process has been completed, you will be notified by email with the decision of the selection committee. Artists that are selected will receive an exhibition manual with all required information and complete details regarding participation and booth size. Finalists will also be notified by email with details on being part of featured articles and other marketing exposure.

All Artist Residencies will be subjected to the same exhibition guidelines with the exception of a single artist per booth space. Artists Residencies will be allowed to exhibit 3 individual artists in each booth space.


Every applicant will have the opportunity to sell their artwork through the Orangenius Marketplace at only a fraction of the cost of other online art marketplaces. You can add any work to the Orangenius Marketplace by clicking the “Sell This Artwork” button on the artwork’s detail page.  For more information on selling artwork on Orangenius and opening your payment account, go to our Artwork Sellers page.


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The Brooklyn EXPO is located in the thriving neighborhood of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It is a new concept for a historical neighborhood that is now emerging as a frontier of culture in the Brooklyn scene. The Brooklyn EXPO is a unique physical structure with excellent access to New York City and multiple hubs of transportation including both NYC Airports.

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